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About Mark

A veteran of the film industry, Mark Mervis began his career at a young age in Richmond, Virginia. By the time he was 21, he was working as a Director of Photograhy, shooting 35mm regional and national commercials for such clients as McDonalds, Volvo, Circuit City, Helig Meyers, Cinemax, and Buena Vista to name a few. He later came to Los Angeles to shoot the feature film “Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss” and hasn’t left. Two of his feature films have screened at Sundance and Mark continues to work in Los Angeles, shooting, Feature films, Television films and commercials.

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“Raising Izzie” Directed by Roger M. Bobb (Starring Rockmond Dunbar and Vanessa Williams) Bobbcat Films / GMC Television 2013 NAACP Image Award Nominee, Best Television Movie or Special and Best Actor in a Television Movie or Special
(HiDef Sony F35/Genisis1.78:1)

“Trinity Goodheart” Directed by Joanne Hock (Starring Eric Benet, Erica Gluck, & James Hong) ReelWorks Studios / GMC Television

“Alice Upside Down” Directed by Sandy Tung (Starring Penny Marshall, Luke Perry, Boris Kodjoe,Alyson Stoner & Lucas Grabeel) Utopia Pictures
(35mm Panavision 1.85:1)

“Secret Lives Of Dorks” Directed by Salome Breziner (Starring JimBelushi, Jennifer Tilly & Vanessa Marano) Sneak Preview Entertainment
(RED 2.40:1)

“Black Widow” Directed by Armand Mastroianni (Starring Elizabeth Berkley, Alicia Coppola & Randall Batinkoff) Utopia Pictures / Lifetime Television
(35mm 3 Perf. Panavision 1.85:1)

“Swimming in Auchwitz” Directed by John Kean Feature length documentary Bala Cynwyd Productions
(63 minutes, 35mm and Hi-Def 1.78:1)

“Hellbent” Directed by Paul Ethridge Sneak Preview Entertainment / here! Films / Regent Releasing
(Digital Video to 35mm 1.85:1)

“Nostalgia” Directed by Armand Garabidian Producer: Ephraim Schwartz Night Owl Entertainment
(35mm Panavision Anamorphic 2.40:1)

“Heart of the Storm” Directed by Charles Wilkinson (Starring Tom Cavanaugh and Melissa Gilbert) Wallet Size Pictures, Lifetime Television
(Super 35mm Panavision Three Perf 1.78:1)

“Torn Apart” Directed by Stuart Alexander (Starring Tia Carrere) Wallet Size Pictures, Lifetime Television
(Super 35mm Panavision Three Perf.1.78:1)

“Amy’s Orgasm” aka “Amy’s O” Directed by Julie Davis
Serious Dan / Without a Box, Magic Lamp Releasing / Sundance Channel Releasing Winner Audience Award 2001 Santa Barbara Film Festival
(35mm Panavision 1.85:1)

“Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss” Directed by Tommy O’Haver (Starring Sean Hayes and Brad Rowe) Trimark Sundance Feature Competition ‘98
(35mm Panavision Anamorphic 2.40:1)

“Above and Beyond” Directed by Stuart Alexander (Starring Adam Baldwin, Costas Mandylor and Alexandra Paul) Green Epstein Bacino, Lifetime Television
(35mm Panavision 1.85:1)

“Kill the Man” Directed by Tom Booker and John Kean (Starring Luke Wilson, Joshua Malina, Teri Garr and Michael McKean) Summit Entertainment Sundance ‘99
(35mm Panavision 1.85:1)

“Standing on Fishes” Directed by Meredith Scott Lynn and Bradford Tatum (Starring Kelsey Gramer and Jason Priestly) Big Hair Productions / MTI Home Video
(35mm Panavision 1.85:1)





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